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About Us


Who We Are

Emma Barber (she/her) is a community herbalist, farmer, massage therapist, and dance artist. She was born and raised in rural southeastern Minnesota with a big rhubarb patch and lived in Minneapolis for the last twelve years before moving to Iowa. Emma's work revolves around the intersections of health & wellness, food & farming, and art & creative expression. After receiving her BFA in Dance at the University of Minnesota, Emma's interest in organic food and farming practices grew as she worked at various farm-to-table restaurants, the Seward Community Co-op, Keepsake Cidery's organic orchard, & Northerly Flora's flower farm. In 2019 Emma completed the Terra Sylva School of Botanical Medicine’s Community Herbalism program, a 400-hour immersive Western Herbalism education grounded in a Vitalist perspective and based in the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina. During this program it became clear that herbal medicine was the path that best integrates many of her passions - working directly with plants, helping others on their healing journey, and creatively transforming plants into healing remedies. Emma is grateful to steward the land that she & Jeremy now live on in east central Iowa and is honored to be your farmer.



Our Farm

We steward 40 acres of rolling land just north of Mount Vernon, Iowa. 2022 will be our first season farming on this property. We grow over 150 varieties medicinal and culinary herbs, flowers, and perennial shrubs on our Certified Naturally Grown herb farm. We utilize organic practices and low-till systems that encourage robust soil biology, sequester carbon, and protect our soils from erosion all while producing beautiful and resilient crops. For a full list of the plants we grow, click here.

We have transitioned 32 acres of land to a diverse perennial pasture mix where we are rotationally grazing Katahdin sheep. Raising ruminant animals on pasture is a beautiful pairing - the sheep eat nutritionally-dense forage and offer fertility directly back to the land. When plants and grasses are grazed it stimulates deeper root growth - leading to more organic matter in the soil, less soil compaction, and increased resilience to drought as the roots can access water deeper in the earth. Protecting & restoring our soil is the main goal for this operation. Raising sheep on pasture offers the opportunity for mutual flourishing of both land and animal, while also producing a high-quality, nutrient-dense, & sustainable source of meat. We expect to have our first pastured lamb available for sale in the fall of 2023.

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