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Rhubarb Botanicals at the Midtown Farmers Market

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fresh tulsi // holy basil growing in the field

the herb farm

this year I am growing over 30 varieties of medicinal & culinary plants beside fields of flowers and grapes at Trout Brook Vineyeard near Hudson, WI

plants grown include:

tulsi - lemon balm - california poppy - chamomile - calendula - oats - skullcap - anise hyssop - catnip - spearmint - peppermint - sage - basil - thai basil - thyme - oregano - cilantro - dill - parsley - summer savory - borage - wormwood - spilanthes - shiso - cayenne - nasturtium - edible flowers

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the wild harvest

the plants I gather from the wild are harvested with great respect and a serious responsibility to sustainability practices

many of the herbs that I wildcraft are considered "weedy" or otherwise grow abundantly with ease. I also try to take advantage of opportune moments for medicine making when it is presented, such as harvesting tree medicine when they come down due to storms and gathering plants before areas are about to be cleared.

the apothecary

vibrant botanical concoctions crafted from the herbs I grow & gather. harvesting the plants myself allows for a deeper understanding of the energetics of each herb & ensures that the plant material is of the highest quality before it is transformed into potent herbal medicines & delights

my products are a reflection of the year's harvest, and as such they are bound to vary year to year - some even batch to batch. what remains consistent is my commitment to upholding the vitality of the plants and making resonant medicines and goods for you to enjoy

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