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Resilience Set

Resilience Set

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A trio of herbal delights. Save $5 when purchased as a set.


Resilience Herbal Tincture (2 oz) $27

A deeply restorative herbal elixir. Milky oats & tulsi bring balance to the nervous system while rose & raw honey bring an aromatic sweetness. Take daily as a tonic to fortify your spirit. Choose from our original Resilience formula or alcohol-free.


Vitality Herbal Tea (1 oz) $10

a nourishing and revitalizing herbal tea blend. drink for focus & fortitude. 

*tulsi, *lemon balm, ^nettle leaf, *calendula flower, ^milky oat tops     *grown on our farm   ^certified organic


Calendula Salve (1 oz) $10

a supreme salve for the skin. calendula is an herbal vulnerary, healing tissues and wounds, and encourages healthy cellular regeneration while also supporting the lymphatic system.